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In 1913, a Canadian immigrant named Norbert Sarazin put down roots in Bootjack, Michigan. In this remote Keweenaw gem, Norbert built a resort that catered to loggers too weary to travel home. Originally named Dreamland Hotel, the Dreamland Restaurant & Bar has lived up to its name as an oasis of food, drink and community for over 100 years...

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In National Geographic’s: Uncharted “Michigan’s Yooper Cuisine”, we witnessed famous chef Gordon Ramsay explore the Keweenaw Peninsula as he pursued Upper Peninsula culinary ingredients. Inspired by Ramsay’s quest to become a true yooper, here are our recommendations on visiting the Keweenaw like a celebrity chef.


Trudging through epic morning snowstorms to make class and late-night study sessions aren’t the only experiences Husky grads share. In preparation for Michigan Technological University Alumni Reunion Weekend, we’ve created a guide to waltz down memory lane. 

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Famous for bountiful strawberry harvests and berry-themed celebrations, the charming community of Chassell is a hub of outdoor fun, food, and historical pursuits! For many who make their pilgrimage to the Keweenaw, Chassell is a welcomed sign that they’ve made it to the promised land. But don’t sleep on Chassell because it’s an untapped SoKe (South Keweenaw) gem. Here’s the scoop to discovering the best of Chassell.


When you’re in the Keweenaw in the fall, a simple drive to the store can be a world-class fall color tour. But if you’re serious about seeing as much of the Upper Peninsula’s fall color splendor as possible, we’ve put together an unbeatable road trip with plenty of scenic views, Lake Superior shoreline, and amazing autumn glory. This 160+ mile route clocks in at a mere 5 hours in drive time alone, so buckle in for a full day of adventuring! There are unlimited opportunities to find great sights, food, and attractions along the way, so pick and choose from this list to make your own unforgettable Keweenaw fall road trip!

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October 15th, 2021

What is it about a little pub tucked away in some quiet place that’s just so darn appealing? Is it the friendly bartender, who’s likely the owner? Is it the history lining the walls – mining photos, dollar bills stuck to the ceiling, vintage local sports jerseys, Bosch brewing memorabilia… Or perhaps it’s the feeling of friendship and community and a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. We asked Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula online community where some of their favorite Keweenaw watering holes were, and they did not disappoint!

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The last days of October find the Keweenaw busy with Halloween fun. Folks around town are treated to spooky decorations in shop fronts, smiling scarecrows, and a community lively with anticipation for Halloween events and camaraderie. The surreal, warm autumn that brought us blazing fall color and bluebird days for fall adventuring begin to chill… the leaves fall, the winds bite a little more, and the skies cast grey. Beneath the laughter of Hallow’s Eve revelry, something stirs… The Copper Country is a place where history melds with the unknowable. Those that seek to experience the uncanny in the Keweenaw need not travel far…


There are some nights in downtown Houghton where your dinner plans call for something a little… more. Perhaps a sunset stroll along the waterfront has inspired a little romance… you’re celebrating a personal best after a day on the Tech Trails… or you’re just looking to break bread with friends in a place with a certain atmosphere. Whatever reason finds you near Shelden Avenue, we have sit-down dinner suggestions that will wow both your travel buddies and your palate alike!


Step outside her cozy towns, and it doesn’t take long for the Keweenaw to remind you that she is an untamed land, locked in a 500-million-year battle with Lake Superior and the elements. Tall, sandstone cliff-faces, cut from glacial movement and altered by eons of weather, drop starkly into Lake Superior. Sheer cliffs within the horn of the Keweenaw jut out into the sky. Powerful, churning waterfalls cut into the land… and once the depth of winter falls, chart-topping snowfall and the long chill transform any trickle of water into massive columns of climbable ice.


January 17th, 2022

Curling is considered one of the world’s oldest winter team sports with its roots found in 16th century Scotland where the art was practiced on frozen lochs and lakes. Today, curling is a Winter Olympics darling, and the sport is sweeping across the Midwest (pun intended)!