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fastest post-prod north of the 45th parallel

Documentaries. Independent Film. Reality Television. Web Series. Daena cuts it all. 

With over 2 decades of post-production experience, our Editor can accommodate your project by turning around local work quickly, providing loan-out/remote editing, or traveling for on-site editing.


Any project is welcome - whether you're putting together home footage, prospective web content, or large-scale television or film.

Quick edits, strong artistic vision, confidence in cuts, clear communicator, quick dissemination of directions, long practiced in self-direction and project management. 

Grit tested in Hollywood-level productions, but with the easy-going demeanor of a Great Lakes Midwesterner, Daena can be that trusted force in your post team.

Contact us now to check on availability for Remote Editing or In-House Video Editing.

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