Notes on the Sandbar || Our Mission

As children of the Great Lakes, we grew up with love and awe of the water. Racing to the water, bracing for that first, typically chilly plunge, you entrust your body and soul to the unknown. You lean into it, and the water yields her first prize: the sandbar. Warm waters flow across the raised sand, and out in the distant waves, you can stand tall and feel like the conqueror of the lake. You’re past the swirl of debris on the shore, the rocks, the crowds, in your own paradise. But the real intrepid swimmer looks yet beyond the shore for the second sandbar. We might not know what draws us to search for it, but we always scan the waters for a telltale sign. A brighter blue in the water, a rolling wave just so. Just a little bit further, pushing more than the person before us, pushing more than even your own best attempt, reaching for that special place that is a little more dangerous, a little more… great.


That’s the spirit we bring with 2ND SANDBAR. We want to reach beyond the standard to create new and innovative visual media -- whether that’s bringing post-production expertise to documentaries and shows, or lifting up the stories of locals through social media to bolster their businesses.


It's not always an easy journey, and you'll have to work around some waves, but if you push on and swim a little further, you're going to like it at the 2ND SANDBAR.

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