All it took was one showing of Jurassic Park in 1993, and Daena was in. Fully, irrevocably, completely committed to filmmaking. He picked up the camera by 12 and began making countless videos, directing his siblings and friends in home-made dark mysteries, thrilling ninja flicks, music videos, and even once to the horror of their English teacher, a mind-bending sequel to Shakespeare's classic, Romeo and Juliet. Hundreds of hours poured into a craft that not only served as fuel for laughs as adults, but actually honed his skills far before he reached college. 

Later on, Daena studied at Michigan Technological University, all while pursuing his own creative endeavors. After graduating, he had three of his own short films premiere at dozens of festivals around the world, and this drive even landed him his first gig: assistant editing for the Emmy Award-winning documentary Where Soldiers Come From

The professional relationships fostered through the documentary lead him to Austin, Texas, where Daena cut his teeth in the competitive world of television editing. Working diligently for 6 years, he quickly racked up experience and an extensive client list, working with companies like Discovery, TLC, A&E, Rooster Teeth, Whole Foods, Jerry Bruckheimer, GameStop, as well as non-profit organizations local to Austin.

Currently, Daena is passionate about bringing his talent and know-how to the Great Lakes region. The world has yet to fully understand and appreciate the untapped potential of Michigan, and Daena hopes to help be a part of bringing that forward.


The heart and soul of a writer live here.

Hundreds thousands of books filled the mind and imagination of Amanda as a young girl. Eventually becoming the only elementary school kid with a pass to the library's "Restricted" section, infinite worlds inspired her heart and sharpened her mind. Hard work and resolve were taught to her by watching her parents successfully create and grow their own small business empire. Amanda, always book in hand, spent years working with her parents, learning firsthand what it takes to keep a business and a dream going. 

During her youth all the way into college, her intense love of technology and curiosity about pop culture kept her eye tuned into all the new and upcoming trends and societal shifts.   Approaching all these things with a thoughtful eye, but open mind, Amanda has cultivated a strong sense of the world and learned to follow its ever-changing tide. After graduating, she spent years culminating a diverse work background applying not only her years of practiced academic research, but also her long history of small business know-how and keen eye of cultural trends to elevate the method of business for her employers. She developed new social media outlets for a boutique hotel. For a bookstore at the University of Texas in Austin, she helped create a clear vision and voice for their advertising and social media.

All of these experiences culminated for Amanda while working for a neuroscience lab that focused on social media outlets and advertising. Here she saw firsthand the methods that effectively engage people not only within the realm of their social media browsing, but their consumption of sports, reality and scripted television, even politics.


Amanda moves through her life with a watchful eye, thoughtful of her own consumption and participation in the tides of social media and advertising. She's eager to bring her experiences to clients, especially those small businesses looking to find their voice and gain the rightful attention all hard-working local businesses deserve. 

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